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Standard and Premium Photography

Standard Photography uses standard wide angle lenses for composition and standard, efficient editing techniques.

Depending on property suitability the following Premium Photography options are available:

  • Long lenses for compressed, compelling lifestyle images
  • Wireless flash to use inside a property so windows are not dark silhouettes. Produces a light and airy feel to images
  • Additional premium editing techniques to present images in the most appealing sense without appearing over edited

Walk-through Videos

Sometimes photographs alone can’t do a home justice, especially if it’s a large home or has many interesting features. On most property listing websites you’re limited to just 20 photos; even the photography wizards at Keith Bennett Photograph struggle to convey all of the best bits in so few photos.

Fortunately we have the answer, and it’s walk-through videos. With walk-through videos, we can flow through your house in the way that you think buyers should see it, and focus on the really great aspects of your property. With a walk-through video you can really get a sense of being there and experiencing it for yourself – an important aspect for any buyer. 

Virtual Tours

Open homes are tricky. Not everybody is able to make it to an open home due to their current location or other conflicting commitments at the same time. You may also not want strangers looking through your home whilst you’re not there and decide not to run open homes.

The solution is here, and it’s Virtual Tours.

We’re using state of the art technology to produce a full 3D rendering of the inside of your property. Your clients can use their computer or phone to browse around the house as though they were there in person.

3D Floor Plans

A 3D floor plan is the next step up from a traditional 2D floor plan. With a 3D plan, it is much easier for your clients to imagine how their furniture would work in the house as it provides context that you simply can’t achieve with a 2D only floor plan.

Aerial Photography

There’s no better way to show the scale and layout of a property than with aerial photography. Give your clients a clear and complete perspective of your property.

Aerial Video

If a photo is a thousand words, imagine how much you can say with a video of your property from above. Fly along ridges and boundaries, along driveways and paths, or a full 360 degree view of your property; or even a 360 degree view of the view itself!


Buyers only really get to see your property during the daytime at an open home, or through photographs. But nothing says “cosy home” quite like photographs taken under the soft and warming lighting of twilight. At Keith Bennett Photography we go the extra mile by visiting your place in the evening and highlighting just how lovely your home can be to potential buyers.

AirBnB and Bookabach

Holidaying Kiwis and tourists are looking for a home away from home, not just a house. It’s well documented that professionally photographed homes yield significantly higher returns on holiday home and rental sites. They sell that well that AirBnB even has information on the success rate and higher price gains from professionally photographed stays. Make sure your holiday home is one of them so you don’t miss out!

AirBnB and Bookabach 3D Floorplans

Wow new clients with a 3D Floorplan of your AiBnB or Bookabach 

AirBnB Gallery

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