UAV’s (Drones) have changed the photography industry forever. They enable us to quickly, safely and cost-effectively photograph areas, buildings or rooftops that would otherwise require a helicopter or expensive safety equipment and scaffolding. We use top of the range photography drones available today. Contact us with your aerial photography requirements.

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Aerial Photography

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Aerial Roof Inspections

Do you do building inspections? UAV’s/ Drones play an important role in roof inspection safety, time and cost.

  • Access hard to reach places in minutes
  • Drones reach locations ladders can’t in minutes with significantly reduced risk to inspectors.
  • Create high resolution images and 4K video for inspection reports
  • Significantly reduce costs through removing the need for expensive scaffolding. Scaffolding is expensive, subject to availability, takes time to erect and dismantle not to mention the costs to install and hire.

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