Proshoot Photography are Wellington based professional photographers specialising in family, corporate, product, commercial, wedding and portrait photography.




Wellington based Proshoot Photography covers many aspects of photography from family portraits through to business product photography working with local council on projects such as promoting Upper Hutt to the wider world or highlighting 'whats on' for the local population. Keith loves landscape panoramas and specialises in creating large high resolution prints. Make an appointment to view a 3 meter wide print to see how much detail there is. Keith also shoots small weddings and family gatherings. He also has a somewhat unique method of printing. Keith creates life long lasting printed blankets and would rather print to framed fabric than canvas due to its appearance, longevity and the ability to wash the print if it were ever required

Fabric Printing

Wall Prints &

Fleece Blankets


"significantly cheaper and more resilient than canvas and there's not the standard dimension restraints that you get with canvas. Fabric prints are absolutely as good if not better"


Print to fabric, print to warm fleece blankets, create custom cushions, print to many different materials. We print to a classy superior canvas alternative, give your work the bespoke art gallery look, its living art you touch every day. Its amazing, cost considerably less and significantly more durable, washable and resistant to UV fade


Dye-sublimation printing can be defined in one sentence – solid dye/ink particles turned into a gas using heat & pressure that bond with polymers present in the fabric, cooled & turned back into a solid. this makes them highly resistant to fading.


This process is a truly environment friendly solution, the inks are water-based and the paper used to transfer ink to fabric is recyclable.


Dye-sublimation fabric prints are a machine washable and uv stable sub-surface print technology so there is no chance of damaging the printed surface unlike most traditional printing methods, which require extra protection such as laminates.


No size constraints.. printing this method allows for almost any dimension combination. you are not limited to standard canvas sizes.. I will upload an image of a 3meter wide print with amazing detail soon!

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